Cloudy, with a Chance of Mattress!

Today was not a particularly cold day, according to the mercury, but the gusty winds made it feel much colder than a glance at the thermometer would make you think.

Even so, I was surprised to see snowflakes as I hustled Kourey and Kaitlyn out the door this afternoon to take Kaitlyn to dance class.  The floating flakes made it easier to see the wind gusts as the snow flurries periodically whipped around frantically.

But it’s pretty easy to move a snowflake.  You can do it just by blowing at it.  It takes much more strength to move a mattress.

As Kourey and I went to pick Kaitlyn up after dance class we saw the wind’s power sweep into the bed of a truck a few cars in front of us, tilt up the mattress and bedsprings, then flip the mattress out of the bed, carry it over a lane of traffic, and deposit the mattress directly onto a small car waiting at the stop sign!


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