What’s Going On With The Dohls?

It’s been a while since we’ve posted.  I guess we’ve been too busy LIVING life to BLOG about it!  Sorry, folks 🙂

But here are some updates:

We just got back from a truly whirlwind weekend in North Carolina.  We drove down Friday after ballet class and dinner, and on Saturday drove up to the Autumn-painted hills of Asheville.  Why?  To witness the nuptials of one Amanda Garrett, now Mrs. Jeremy Drake!  The one beauty that surpassed the whole wedding was the singular gorgeousness of the bride!  It was a very awesome wedding, with a unique reception-style seating for the ceremony, a wedding-couple served communion (Anja’s first US wine, she pointed out, though we both agree it was basically grape juice, but not so much as at the Lord’s Supper at LBC), and awesome reception musical entertainment that included a set with the new bride at the mic!  In related news, Kaitlyn’s new favorite CD is the wedding disc Amanda and Jeremy had as favors, and her new favorite song is “Ants Marching”.  She likes singing the “Doot doot part.  Like my girl sings” 🙂

Sunday we joined the parentals at the home church – Lewisville Baptist.  Kourey can recognize a nursery from the door; Kaitlyn showed amazing independence by scampering off for Children’s Church – and staying for the whole service; Anja found the service at LBC much closer to those at her church in Germany than those at MPBC.  After church we stopped for a quick bite and hit the best fair, the Dixie Classic Fair!  Low point:  Keith nearly slicing his thumb off getting out of the car; high points: the pig races entrancing all of my daughters; pictures with Cinderella; Yesterday Village; watching Anja take pictures of the corn dog cart; Keith enjoying a fried Milky Way; Anja and I “sharing” a funnel cake – for one bite before she decided she needed her own!; feeding the camel, baby bison, and goats at the petting zoo.

And that’s just this past weekend.

Tonight we had a totally from scratch feast – butter, flour, eggs, water, breadcrumbs, pork chops, oil, rye, pumpkin seeds, and yeast became hot buttered noodles, Schnitzel, and German bread.  Yum!  Especially with Auntie’s Caesar Salad.


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