Nobody Wins with a Headbutt!

Let me tell you something about Kourey: she is a good deal more “rough and tumble” than Kaitlyn.

While Kourey might cry out at Kaitlyn harassing her, it is more of a “Warning: I am frustrated, and I am about to bite/kick/run away.”  Kaitlyn crys for Kourey harassment are more along the lines of “Woe!  Help!  Distress!  Ieeee!”

Kourey loves “tackle hugs”.  Both of the girls do, under the right circumstances, but for Kourey the right circumstance needs nothing more than you sitting on the floor.  She rushes at your shoulders, grapples you like a tree, and forces you back as hard as a little 25 pound ball of energy can.  She also helpfully tells you what she’s doing, and what she expects your reaction to be: “Tackle!  Down!”

So great is her love for a tackle hug that you can usually use it to redirect her.  But not always.

Last night Kourey was squirming on the couch with Auntie Kris and Anja.  Kris held Kourey in her arms, and suggested she go to the other couch and give Mommy a tackle hug.  Kourey looked at her, considered it, then reached out for Kristina’s face and quickly smacked both of their heads together in a audible crack of head-buttitude.

Kourey nearly immediately began to cry as a big goose egg started rising from her forehead.  It didn’t feed so good for Kris, either!

It’s like Paul Blart says: “Nobody wins with a headbutt!”

One response to “Nobody Wins with a Headbutt!

  1. Sometimes pain is the best teacher… now the question is, how long till she tries that again? Hope they’re both ok?!?! And I can only imagine, Anja sitting there thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?!”

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