She’s Here!

DSC05402 Standard-E-Mail-Ansicht At about 7am our time, somewhere in Germany a teenage girl boarded a plane with an enourmous orange backpack, her two big, black suitcases stowed in the belly of the plane.

Fourteen hours, one three-hour Chicago layover, and more than four thousand miles later we met her at Richmond International.

Kaitlyn proudly held up a sign that said “Welcome Willkommen Anja!”, and Kourey decided to be shy and buried her head in whichever parent’s leg was closer.

After the drive home Anja tried to call home, but we’re having more problems than E.T. with our calling cards to Germany!  Maybe the entire country was rejecting calls, since it was about 4:30am their time.


2 responses to “She’s Here!

  1. Hallo Anja! Willkommen bei Dohlchester! Ich hoffe, dass du deine Zimmer, Familie und neue Schule gemueglich und froeh finden! (Ich habe mein Deutsch als Fremdesprache viel vergessen, oder ich wolle mehr schreiben). Ich will bald dich grusse!

    “Tante Suzanne”

    Hello to Katherine, Kaitlyn, Kourey, and Keith too! Love to you all!

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