Early Math

Yesterday Keith took Kourey and Kaitlyn to the park so I could get some uninterrupted cleaning time in.  (He also made dinner when he came home!  Wow!  But this post is not about him.)(Although it could be; he’s awesome)

Kaitlyn and Kourey were telling me about their time at the park, aided by Daddy.  For example, Keith would say “Kourey, did you go on the swings?” and Kourey would dance, because the sheer excitement of the word “swing” being uttered in her presence was too much for her tiny little body to hold in, and as she danced she exclaimed “Yeah!  Yeah!  Oh, yeah!”

Kaitlyn told me about swings and sliding and doggies and men with doggies and I didn’t quite catch all of it (I’m not as fluent in Kaitlyn-ese as she is), so Daddy helped me out by clarifying “Kaitlyn, did you see one man with two doggies?”   Kaitlyn confirmed this and added, “and another man with two doggies, too!”

Always on the lookout for object lessons, I flipped up two fingers on my left hand and said “So you saw one man with two doggies, [flip up two fingers on right hand] and another man with two doggies?  [bring hands together] How many doggies does that make?  Two plus two is… Count my fingers!”

Kaitlyn started on one finger (we’ve played this game before) and said “One… Tw… Hey, just put down your fingers, Mommy, and just put up four on this hand, because there are FOUR doggies.”

I’m getting called by my four-year-old for being condescending.  Ouch!


2 responses to “Early Math

  1. Yes! Go Kaitlyn!!

  2. So how are things coming for Anja’s arrival? I hope you all had a good day of fun (if there’s a way to call cleaning fun, lol)! Glad Kaitlyn is continuing in the family math traditions!

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