Happy Birthday, Uncle Kenny!


Today is Uncle Kenny’s Somethingty-somethingth birthday!  (the rules of birthday wishes state that if an age is more than 30, you don’t get to name it)  Happy Birthday, Uncle Kenny!

His living in PA means we don’t get to see him that often, but his home’s extraordinarily close proximity to Nana & Pop’s means we do get to see him when we visit them!

Uncle Kenny is our go-to man with questions about computers, most plants (especially if Nana is asleep), and Anime.  Although I think we have never actually had a question about Anime… but if we had one, he’s the man we would ask!

Uncle Kenny’s birthday plans probably involved the traditional Dohl celebration of homemade pizza.  Which means he had to cook, because he makes the pizza dough.

We love you, Uncle Kenny!

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