“Wait, Mom… I love that song!”

“Wait, Mom… I love that song!” Kaitlyn called from the backseat of the van as I punched through my presets in a fit of musical ADD.

“Yeah!  That one!  Oh, it’s the ‘marshmallow song’!  I just love this song!,” she cheered, as I flipped back over to a semi-classic rock station.

“Go, start to believe him,” she sang, using her own brand of Kaitlyn lyrics.

So, here’s the question… what song was it?  Here are your clues again:

  • she calls it “the marshmallow song”
  • the Kaitlyn-ized lyrics to the chorus (the title of the song, in fact) is “go, start to believe him”
  • and it was on a semi-classic rock station (oh, an actual hint!)

Click through for the answer…If you guessed “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, you’re right!  You’re also an amazing guesser.  Go have a marshmallow.

And let me be the guesser, now… you’re wondering “why does she call it ‘The Marshmallow Song’?”   Well, why do four-year-olds do anything?  But, actually,  I have an answer:

Observant blog-readers may remember about two months ago Kaitlyn really enjoyed watching the movie Bedtime Stories.  The credits of the movie (this isn’t really a spoiler, promise), roll over several characters having a rooftop campfire where they were making s’mores while the background music was – you guessed it! – “Don’t Stop Believing”.  Kaitlyn already had marshmallows on the brain as we were about to head on our cross-country camping adventure (which equals “marshmallow tour” in her head), and the descriptive moniker “The Marshmallow Song” imprinted in her brain.

On a closing note, you’ve never really heard this song until you’ve heard the Alvin & the Chipmunks version of it.


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