Little Updates

Where did we go?? Nowhere, really, just… clearly not updating the blog!

So what has been going on?

Last week was Vacation Bible School. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up of the AWESOME Arts & Crafts hall. Both girls had a blast each morning with their friends. There were 74 four-year-olds alone!!

Last weekend I went down to NC for a much needed Girls’ Day with Suz, Ashley, and her precious baby! I got to go see Suz’s new home, eat at Sweet Tomatoes (side note: why are there no Sweet Tomatoes, Souplantations, or SouperSalad’s around here?!), go to Raleigh Moravian, watch a chick-flick, and eat chocolate fondue… all with Suz!! Yay!

This week we are in full-on bonus room renovation mode. My crafts are being cleared out (and sadly sent to the attic), the paneling has come off, paint chips are floating around (the type from the store to pick colors, not the type with lead), and excitement is in the air!

Kourey decided today that she does like grapes, though her favorite fruit (and possibly favorite food) is banana. She does have to have the grape bit in half for her, and prefers to scrape out the pulpy middle and discard the skin, though she’ll pop the whole half in her mouth if she’s in a hurry.

Kaitlyn still does not like grapes OR bananas.

My tomato plant (aka, my tomato TREE) has still yet to bear a ripe tomato, but there are now a dozen little grape-sized tomatoes and one about half-big enough to start ripening. I have to water this thing three times a day! It is just so much bigger than expected, and probably too big for the container.


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