Finally! It’s About Time for Some Dam Pictures!

Hoover Dam 060 (Small)See, it’s a joke, because “dam” sounds like… oh, never mind.

We had experienced nothing like the heat around Hoover Dam.  We knew it would be warm, but when we left camp in the morning it was something like 60 degrees, and we had to bundle the kids up over top of their heat-appropriate wear.

When you near Hoover Dam you have to go through a checkpoint by Homeland Security.  I didn’t realize this, but I wasn’t very shocked.  Keith and I wondered that they even let people drive across it.  That’s a lot of access!

As soon as we started coming down towards the dam we realized that we were obviously not the first people to have that thought, and saw a huge suspension bridge under construction down river just a bit.  Seeing as how traffic on the highway literally stops on the dam, I’m sure it will be a great thing for that stretch of highway in general.  We came to find out that it will be called the “Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge”.  I  surprised Keith by knowing what team Tillman played for before his deployment (Arizona Cardinals).  Actually, I just guessed the Cardinals because I didn’t know of a Nevada NFL team, but I think he was just surprised I knew that much.  I really don’t know much about football teams.

As traffic inched down toward the dam, we pulled over into one of several small, free parking lots.  We didn’t realize it, but we got the closest free parking space to the dam.  The hike up and down the stairs in the blistering sun made it’s value questionable, however, but we do get to say we walked from Arizona to Nevada.

In case you didn’t know, the Colorado River was diverted during the dam’s construction.  I know this because they told us, but also because I have heard this in at least two sermons, but I’ll admit I don’t remember what the sermons were about.

The kids were too young to take a hard-hat tour, but we did get to tour the inside of the dam.  Our dam tour guide said we could ask all the dam questions and take all of the dam pictures we wanted.  Not really.  He seemed to specifically avoid that joke, though the other tour guides tossed it out freely for cheap laughs.

And you know how much my honey loves a good and punny funny.


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