Camping in Arizona

Our awesome tents.

Our awesome tents.

I do not come from camping stock.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

My grandparents apparently had a popup camper, because my mom has told stories about a camping trip with them before she and Dad were married when Dad’s folks were in the bed on one side, my aunt and mom shared the bed on the other, and my dad had the table-cum-bed and my dad and granddad were snoring so loud my mom is convinced the sides actually went in and out like in a cartoon.  She couldn’t sleep; my grandma and aunt had no problems.

And my mom grew up on a farm.  That’s kind of like camping, right?  Haha, just kidding, Mom!  (kinda)

But, aside from three campouts in girl scouts (one in Amanda G’s backyard, one at an actual girl scout camp with permanent tents, and once in the town community center, but it still counts as camping for a patch) and one night in a tent before a kayaking trip, I have never camped.  I joke that my family’s idea of roughing it on vacation was sharing one room at a Motel 6.

Of course my dad took us to RV shows and dealerships a lot, but it might have been for the free hotdogs.

I digress.

Keith, on the other hand, comes from a family of campers.  They tent camped for years, until after Keith was born when they bought a popup camper for their family of six.  That particular popup is in my driveway right now.  I have heard stories about staying at campgrounds where the train tracks were not NEAR camp, but ran THROUGH camp (I have been advised many many campgrounds are very near train tracks).

Melding our family vacation experiences and expectations has been one of the tougher things to come eye-to-eye on.  (Except Christmas tree toppers, but we just gave in and put up two every year, so that I can have my crocheted angel on one, and he can have his lightup star on the other)(That doesn’t work for vacations).

But I have to say there is something really nice about camping as a family.  Kaitlyn looked forward to sitting around the campfire and eating marshmallows since she found out that was part of the camping deal.  We almost had to reneg, as we couldn’t really get the campfire going!  One of our neighbors brought over a log of wood to chip for kindling.  Camping folk are friendly folk, by in large.  Once we got the fire going, she was excited to have a marshmallow, lovingly and (uncharacteristically) patiently slow roasted to marshmallow perfection by mom.  She didn’t like it.  She prefers them raw.

A few things about our campsite in Williams, AZ:

  1. I’m not sure exactly why, but the lots were fine gravel instead of dirt ground.  Not too bad, except when you were in the tent barefooted or on your knees.  Ouch!
  2. Our site was on a slight incline.  This means that we had to turn our beds a specific way so we wouldn’t roll out.  We found this out after (a) our neighbor warned us, and (b) Kaitlyn rolled out of bed.
  3. Check out our sweet getup – gazebo tent from Mom & Dad H, and awesome cabin tent on loan from Andra H.  People love us!

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