Us at the Grand Canyon – Day One

Whole fam.

Here we are!

After the incident with the tire, we were feeling a little like the Griswalds, but VERY ready to get to the Grand Canyon.

In honor of the occasion, Kaitlyn got another of her secret trip presents – a pair of junior binoculars from a field set Keith and I got her.  Since we didn’t bring binoculars (since we don’t own binoculars), we all ended up using her set!

Apparently, there is a very big problem with people feeding and approaching animals at the Grand Canyon; specifically squirrels.  You know how I feel about them, so it was not a problem for me to steer clear, but there were lots of warning about squirrel bites.

Squirrels were about the only animal we saw this day, though both kids hoped fervently for more!

A common exchange while Kaitlyn uses binoculars:

Mommy or Daddy: “Kaitlyn, what do you see?”

Kaitlyn: “I see EVERYTHING!”


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