Oh no! A flat!

Not just flat... shredded!

Not just flat... shredded!

We headed out from Flagstaff for the Grand Canyon.  The views of the San Francisco peaks were great!

Just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park, going through a little tourist town, we hear and feel what sound like crazy rumble strips.  But why would there be rumble strips in the the middle of the road?

At the same time it clicked with both of us – flat tire!  Pull over!

The damage had been done.  The smell of burning rubber was awful.  The tire was peeled from the wheel, and the rim sat on the ground.  Oh, no!

I helped by taking pictures.

I helped by taking pictures.

The first thing I did was take a picture.  Didn’t want to forget this!

Keith set to work unloading all of the stuff from the boot to get to the donut; I took another picture and loaded Kourey into the stroller.  It was a little early for lunch, but this could take a while, so us girls headed to Wendy’s across the street.

I do have to say that within SECONDS of us getting out of the car, a young man and his lady friend pulled into the parking lot next to us and he lept out to offer assistance.  A man from the shop nearby came out with road cones.  Thank you, unknown men!

My husband is so handy.  He had that tire changed, boot reloaded, and was parked in Wendy’s (with the stinky tire cooling behind the van… that thing was going to have to go in the car with us – yuck!) before Kaitlyn finished her nuggets.

We went along our merry way, and had a great time at the Grand Canyon that day.  We got a new tire the next morning in Williams, and the whole thing hardly slowed us down at all.

Check back tomorrow for pics from the canyon!


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