Definitely Time to ‘Take It Easy’

Keith, Kait and Kour standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ

Keith, Kait and Kour standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ

After our evening at the Petrified Forest (following our jaunt across the country), it was past time to find a hotel. But we drove nearly an hour further west, anyway, so we could stay in Winslow.

That’s right, because of the Eagles’ song.

This really sounds like something that would be my idea, but it was all Keith.

The girls’ favorite part about the hotel was that we went to the pool in the morning. Kaitlyn would continue to ask to go to the pool nearly every morning of the vacation!

Before we drove on our merry way in the morning, we went downtown to THE corner in Winslow, Arizona. In case you’re wondering, they play Eagles music over a loudspeaker there. I am not kidding.


One response to “Definitely Time to ‘Take It Easy’

  1. So do you have a theme song for every visit you made? If you don’t already, you should come up with one… the theme song vacation 09! It sounds like such a Katherine thing to do–and I mean that in the best way possible 😉

    It’s a fun way to remember the places, especially when I get the references, lol!

    Thanks for sharing all these great photos and stories! It sure sounds like y’all had an awesome trip! Love y’all!

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