Dohl Travel Tip – Detergent Sheets

Doesnt spill, packs flat, and costs 25 cents a load

Doesn't spill, packs flat, and costs 25 cents a load

Perhaps you travel like I did my whole life – wash clothes, pack clothes, wear clothes, wash when you get home. This tip is not for you.

But perhaps you travel more like we do now, on trips so long that you don’t have the room (or clothes!) to pack, and need to do laundry partway through.

May I suggest Purex 3-in-1 sheets? I found them while I was searching for a small canister of detergent to take with us. I was finding them to be suspect (at best) as to their ability to not spill, and that’s besides the cost, which was almost as much as a full sized bottle at Sam’s Club! Well, I’m exaggerating, but only a little bit.

Then, at Food Lion of all places, I stumbled across the 3-in-1 sheets. Each sheet has a dryer sheet, surrounded by a layer of softener, and coated with a layer of detergent. You just put it in the washer with your clothes, and move it to the dryer as a dryer sheet.

I got the refill pack (I had no need for a special shaped Tupperware), which breaks down to about 25 cents a load. If I had bought packs at the laundry rooms it would have been at least $2.50 a load ($1 each for detergent and fabric softener, plus $1 for 2 dryer sheets).

Purex isn’t my favorite brand of detergent, and these aren’t so awesome I’m giving up my regular detergents and softener and dryer sheets, but for a long trip they worked awesomely (and I really could have used these in college when I schlepped across campus with my bottle of detergent and massive amounts of laundry)! Great work, Purex.


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