UPDATE: Still in South Dakota

I write to you tonight from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  That’s right, we’re still in South Dakota.  But we are in the Central Time Zone, so that should count for something!

We started this morning from Wall, SD with rainclouds overhead.  Of course it would rain, because we washed the Annie van last night.  We headed to the Badlands, where the rain was only one of the elements that made our car quickly look as though it had never been washed!

After Badlands (where, by the way, Kaitlyn earned her 10th Jr. Ranger badge, by my count), we kept on booking east, stopping somewhere at a rest area to grill some bison burgers we had purchased frozen back in Montana.  Mmmmm!

We stopped in Mitchell to go to the Corn Palace.  And, yes, I have stopped at South of the Border.  Kitch is awesome.

De Smet was a “must do”, as I grew up on Little House on the Prairie books.  I got to see the house Pa built in town where they stayed during the Long Winter, the homestead by the Big Slough, and some other LHotP funnery.  Kait had a blast, especially in the schoolhouse, where she got to dress up in a smock and bonnet!  Did I mention all of this was after everything had officially closed?  We paid the admission, and they said to just pull the doors shut after ourselves.

So we haven’t made it too far since then.  We made it too far to swing by Pipestone, MN tomorrow, and not far enough to get there tonight.  Current projections put us getting home Friday, which happens to be my awesome sister-in-law’s somethingty-somethingth birthday!  Happy early birthday, Kristina!


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