UPDATE: Halfway through, and finally another post

Here we are, halfway through our trip – I can’t believe it! Our less-than-reliable laptop has kept us from updating before now.

We are currently in Fillmore, Utah, just stopping over the night before going on to Salt Lake City tomorrow and Alpine, WY tomorrow night.

We left Las Vegas early this morning, and went to both Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon today.  Wow!

Vegas was another wow, in more ways than one.  Especially after coming from the Grand Canyon and all of it’s natural glory, the unnaturalness of Vegas stuck out.  While some of the sites were very neat (esp. the Venetian, Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and the Freemont Street Experience), I felt like the whole place was some sort of weird, hedonistic Epcot Center.  We did do the requisite Vegas buffet at the Golden Nugget downtown – awesome! – and I leaned how to shoot craps, turning my $10 in hotel comp chips into $52 real dollars.. and having a lot of fun!

On the way into Vegas, we stopped by the Hoover Dam.  Keith was already looking forward to the sheer experience of driving over the dam, and we found out that if we had come a few years later he would not have had the opportunity.  They are building a HUGE bypass bridge – the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, and I surprized Keith by knowing who that was – and current plans are to close the dam to all but pedestrian traffic.

The Grand Canyon was amazing.  Just amazing.  Pictures haven’t done it justice, and I’m sure ours won’t, either.

Camping was quite an experience, and one that we will be doing again night after next in Montana!  We were surprised by our need to pull out the HEATER instead of the FAN in the tent at night.  Especially since we planned on using the heater just in Montana.  We may have to rent a second heater at the campground!

The girls are doing great.  Kaitlyn has been giving Kourey vocabulary lessons, which has resulted in some interesting talking.  Kaitlyn is in love with staying at hotels.  Any hotel.  She wants to swim in the pool and sleep in the same room as me & Keith and Kourey.  Kourey’s favorite part of any day seems to be the food.  Both girls love our frequent picnics.

Well, I am beat, and we have to hit the trail (in the car!) early tomorrow, too.  My shoes are starting to fall apart, which Keith says is a sign of a good vacation.  I say it’s a sign I need new shoes, pronto, but I’ll agree with him this vacation has been great!


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