UPDATE – Hello from AZ!

Well, the laptop seems to be down, so here is a quick update from the lobby of our hotel while I wash some clothes…

We made it out to AZ in time to go to the Petrified Forest National Park for a few hours before they closed… yesterday.  That’s right, we left at 5:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, and made it out to AZ by 5:15 pm Arizona Crazy Time on Friday.  Keith somehow talked me into driving the night through!

The drive out was long (clearly), but had some hightlights, like the Texas rest area that materialized just at daybreak for a really amazing breakfast stop.  They had a great view, and a playground for the kids to stretch and play.

Kaitlyn is in Junior Ranger mode… she earned a badge and patch at Petrified Forest NP, and then earned a badge at both of the National Monuments we went to today.  She wants them moved to each article of clothing she wears -even pjs!

Last night we stayed in Winslow, solely because my husband wanted to “take it easy” and stand “on a corner in Winslow, AZ”.  In case you’re wondering, on that corner they play Eagles music over the loudspeakers.  I’m not kidding.

Tomorrow to Grand Canyon and to set up camp!  Thanks for the prayers, and hopefully I’ll get some pictures up as soon as my laptop cooperates!


One response to “UPDATE – Hello from AZ!

  1. We’re enjoying “traveling” along with you all through your posts! Mark has fond memories of similar road-trip vacations as a child, and he was so excited when I told him you all were in AZ. It’s one of our favorite paces, particularly the Grand Canyon! We know you are having so much fun! And, yes, “take it easy” (I now have that Eagles song stuck in my head…. 🙂 ). Love from NC!

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