Dohl Movie Report

We Dohls don’t make it to the movies often.  There are so many reasons – cost, time, kids, the choices.  I can’t actually tell you the last time we went to see a movie that wasn’t part of an ongoing series (Potter, Narnia).  That is, until recently.

And we only do a little better with DVDs.  The advent of RedBoxes and MovieCubes and their tantalizing selection of $1/day movies at places I am anyway does make it easier, but we still find ourselves at the receiving end of too many “You’ve never seen (fill in the blank)?!”.

(link to Amazon)

(link to Amazon)

But we have seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop. We even saw it at the theater, on a recent trip to PA. I’ll admit that I had kind of low expectations for this movie, but it was so funny! We enjoyed it SO much, in fact, we bought it when it came out on DVD last week.

One of the things I liked about the movie was that it was PG!  We can watch it with the kids still up, even though we haven’t yet.

(link to Amazon)

(link to Amazon)

But we did watch Bedtime Stories with the kids up – and Kaitlyn LOVED it. Keith, Kris and I all laughed a lot, too, and Kourey even got into the movie, dancing anytime there was music involved. This was another movie I had wanted to rent sometime, and it was better than I had expected.

And it was PG, too!  Like I said, Kaitlyn loved it, and was sad that we had to take it back today.  She suggested we take it on vacation with us, but I mentioned Auntie might not like the surprise extra $18 rental!


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