Did You Get Bit By A Strawberry?

This past weekend my mom came to visit!  We had a great time washing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, shopping for supplies… wait, that’s not what you do when your mom comes to visit?  Well, I’m lucky my mom wanted to help me get ready for the trip!

Friday afternoon after berry-picking, while the girls waited for Grandmama to arrive, we took to the sidewalk with a big bucket of chalk to welcome Grandmama. 

Side note:  We also wrote in big letters across our little street "Welcome! Grandmama".  When Keith got home at 3 in the morning, he pulled the hose out and washed it off before tumbling into bed.  Turns out that constituted graffiti!  The things I learn.

While decorating the sidewalk, Kourey took a spill and scraped up her knee a little.  Nothing major, a tiny bit of blood and a skin raspberry that will last for a while.  When Keith saw it he asked her what happened:

Daddy: What happened to your knee, Kour?

Kourey: *shrug*

D: Did you fall down?

K: *head shake ‘no’*

D: Did you get bitten by a strawberry?

K: *slow smile, nodding vigorously, dissolve into giggles, and run away*

She still won’t admit she fell down, only that she got bit by a strawberry!


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