Getting Ready for the Trip

Look at that huge tent!

Look at that huge tent!

Five days and counting – can you believe it?!

This weekend we went from having no tents to having two tents.  My mom bought us a tent at a yard sale for$10.  A really nice tent; used, but well maintained.  At about 14’x10′ we thought the dome tent would work well.  And it would have.

But then my sister-in-law showed up (she heard I was making my awesome burgers) with a tent being loaned to us by a friend at church.  She mentioned she had some camping stuff a few weeks ago, but things in our lives had been crazy and we weren’t sure it would work out to get it from her.  But today it did, and she really undersold her offerings – a brand new, super huge Coleman cabin tent, a few air mattresses, and a footlocker of gear. 

Keith can stand up in this tent, side to side.  He put it together to make sure we knew how and had all of the pieces before we got to the campsite – very wise, especially as he had some frustration with the “English as a second or third translation language” instructions.

Beyond that, we have our management binder almost done; reservations for hotels in Jackson, Wy. and Vegas and campgrounds at the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone; a crate of toys and games and books; a stack of CDs and DVDs; most laundry clean; 8 bags of chex mix, 4 Gatorades, 2 boxes of Scooby Snax (clearly, we need a lot more groceries); and misc. camping equipment from the camper and Keith’s parents. 

Just five more days to go!  Enjoy a few more pictures of our tent-setting up today.


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