Welcome to the New Blog!

If you are reading this I don’t even have to tell you… the Dohl Blog has moved!  We are still getting some kinks out of the switchover to WordPress (the header, for instance), and figuring out the best way to use some of the new features we have, but overall I think the move is for the best (or else we wouldn’t have done it).

Things you will probably see coming soon to our blog:

  • Password protected entries – just to keep out the crazies we don’t know.  We’ll send out an email with the common password and you can add a comment and we’ll email it to you if we don’t email out too well.
  • More Picture Galleries – this is especially great with the upcoming Rocky ’09 trip
  • More Clicking – to keep the homepage pretty, I’ll probably split most longer posts up, with one picture and blurb on the main page, and then you have to click to read the rest of the story.  It’s just easier to scroll through. 
  • More posting (?)– this has nothing to do with WordPress, it’s just a hope of mine
  • Easier Categories

Let us know what you think!


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