Picking Our Own Strawberries

Kourey examines a berry and contemplates eating it.

Kourey examines a berry and contemplates eating it.

Friday mornings a group of moms – mainly from the MOPS group – descend upon Angel’s house for what she’s dubbed “Fellowship Fridays”.  We drink coffee and talk, we let the kids play with all of Angel’s kids’ toys, and we generally thank the Lord for a friend like Angel who keeps her house clean to do this so we don’t have to.  🙂  Today we took the show on the road, and loaded up the kids to go to Adam’s Acres in Dinwiddie, VA to pick our own strawberries.

And what a show it was!  Eight moms ended up coming, with an average of two kids per mom (15 total!) ranging from early-teen to under-one (schools in Colonial Heights were out for Memorial Day weekend).  We caravaned in seven vehicles, all minivan-type rides.  What a spectacle!

Once we got there, the kids descended upon the strawberries.  As you can guess, Kaitlyn was not one of the ones eating as many as she was picking.  It may surprise you (it did me) that Kourey wasn’t particularly chowing down on the berries, either.  She did like the idea of biting the berries, but then wanted to put them in the bucket.  She also got tired of picking, and decided to try to put the berries back on! 

All in all, we had a great morning, and ended up with a TON (not literal, probaby about 5 pounds) of berries, and a little sunburn on the small of my back – ouch!  Enjoy a few more pictures!


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