"Cute Kid"

You never know exactly what your kids are saying when you’re not around. If you’re lucky, you have friends that can let you know if it’s something particularly good or particularly bad. And while ‘particularly bad’ is good for realizing you need to do some work with them, ‘particularly good’ is much more fun.

Today I got just such an email from my friend Charlotte, recounting what Kaitlyn had been telling Abbi, her oldest daughter:

Hello! Abbi told me a cute Kaitlyn story. We were chatting about AWANA this am & Abbi told us that our little Kaitlyn friend got a new hairstyle, to this Abbi complimented her & she responded, “Thank you, I love my mommy & I want to look like her.” How sweet…

Just thought you would like to know that your wee one is watching & evidently she likes what she sees.

A big “awww!” and a moment to reflect and make sure she always likes what she sees, or more importantly, that it’s always worth emulating. Thanks for the email, Charlotte!


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