Our Family Is Growing!!

Well, you know I’m generally no good at keeping secrets.  And anyone who has had a conversation with me in the past few months (or read my Facebook stati) already knows what I’m going to say (or had a pretty good clue).  But I think it’s time to make it blog official… our family is growing!
We’re converting the bonus room to a full-fledged bedroom to accommodate the fact that, as of late-August/early-September we will be a three daughter family!  Yes, that soon.  And it’s hardly enough time to get everything done.  I have an afghan to crochet.  We have to clean the house top to bottom, because once she arrives it will just be a whirlwind.  Thank goodness we seem to have the school stuff straightened out.
Yes, I said school stuff.  What, you thought I was pregnant?  Geez, can’t a girl have an ice cream sundae without people saying she’s pregnant?  No!  We’re becoming an international exchange student host family!  Today we finally crossed a crucial series of hurdles in assuring our host daughter a spot at the high school, and I am jubilant.  We have already been matched with a student – her name is Anja, and she is a 17-year-old German girl who will be a junior here come fall.
We’ll give more details as they are confirmed, but I was too excited to not make it blog-official 🙂

One response to “Our Family Is Growing!!

  1. See, I have been reading your stati and you still totally got me for a second! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic hosting experience!!!

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