Kaitlyn’s First Chapter Book and KD Season Starts

Kaitlyn's First Chapter Book - and she is so ready for more!

Kaitlyn and I just finished reading “Meet Felicity”, the first in a series of books based on the American Girl doll from the 1774 Colonial Williamsburg time-period. I was looking for the Wanda Brunstetter “Rachel Yoder” Amish books in our church library, and while we didn’t have any of those books, my search was not empty!


King's Dominion from the top of the "Eiffel Tower"

As much as I love “Goodnight, Dewberry Bear” and “Pete’s a Pizza”, I am really excited to expand our reading repertoire a bit! The book took us 2-1/2 days, reading a chapter before bed and nap. Kaitlyn loved when I would stop and ask her what she thought would happen next, and has already asked to start on the next book (because of course I got two books, and plan to get more on Sunday if the library is open!) tomorrow

 But “Felicity Learns a Lesson” will have to wait until at least bedtime, because tomorrow marks the beginning of our King’s Dominion season! The girls are excited to ride the rides (Kaitlyn, who wouldn’t even ride anything except the BENCH on the carousel at the beginning of last summer rattled off a litany of the rides she just had to ride while we were talking about it earlier today); Keith is excited for roller coasters, short lines, and lots of photo ops; and I am excited for long days outside all day… with no bugs because they spray (unlike our malaria factory yard mere yards from a slightly stagnant lake)! Hallelujah. Oh, and all day free refills on soda. I do like that.

So that’s what’s going on in Dohlchester… what’s new in your neck of the woods? Send us an email… really!


One response to “Kaitlyn’s First Chapter Book and KD Season Starts

  1. Love the new header and love that Kaitlyn is moving on to chapter books—soon enough she’ll be reading them to you! Hope you had a great trip–let’s catch up before too long–I miss my Dohls!

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