We Are… Penn State!

On the first full day of our Pennsylvania trip, we trekked out to Happy Valley to visit Keith’s alma matter, The Pennsylvania State University. This was a first visit for all of the other Dohls, and very close to ten years since Keith last visited campus after his 1999 graduation. While there was no football going on, we still manage to have a good part of the quintessential Penn State experience.

You have to go to the Lion Shrine. We also have pictures of the girls sitting on the lion, but they are crying in those! Kaitlyn was disappointed once we got to the lion; she thought it was a real lion we were going to go see. So we stopped by Patee Library to see the stuffed (as in, taxidermist preserved, not plush) Nittany lion on display. This placated her, although she did want to know where the lion’s mommy and daddy were.

After hearing Kaitlyn say “This isn’t Penn State, this is just [a store, a sidewalk, a restaurant, etc]” all day, we found out what Kaitlyn considers Penn State… Beaver Stadium. She was very disappointed there was no football game going on, but really enjoyed playing in the field that would have been filled with tailgaters if there had been a game!

One of our first stops on campus was The Creamery, but apparently there has been an entirely new and swankier creamery built since Keith was in school. Kaitlyn and Kourey enjoyed the flavor of the week, Chocolate Pretzel, while Keith indulged in Peanut Butter Swirl and Katherine tried out Peachy Paterno. Four days from cow to our spoon… yum.


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