Ladies’ Night

Last night I had our third monthly Ladies’ Night at the house, and Keith and the girls had their third monthly fun night with Auntie Kris.

At the house more than a dozen moms of young children enjoyed the chance to shake off our serious mom side – the side that says “don’t put that yogurt in your hair!” “eat it, don’t smear it on your face!” and “don’t play in the water!” – and smear Blueberry Honey Masque on our faces and soak our feet… not to mention facial steams, paraffin hand dips, manicures, pedicures, eye masques … and lots and lots of coffee and even more laughter!

Kris treated Keith and the girls to a fun evening out while the revelry was going on. What a great sister-in-law and aunt! They went bowling and out for Pizza Hut buffet. Kourey took her first try at “bowling”… and promptly ran after the ball down the lane, Auntie chasing after her! Keith managed to eat a reported 14 (fourteen!!!) pieces of pizza, not including dessert. Wow.

Back at home, Kourey was slightly traumatized at the sight of me in my blueberry masque, so I didn’t get a goodnight hug from her!

What a wonderful night! We have such great family and friends!


One response to “Ladies’ Night

  1. Love the photo, but I can see why Kourey rejected the night-night hug! =)

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