I Did Not Know That!

Kaitlyn has been obsessed with snow recently.  Nana and Pop have snow in Pennsylvania, she knows this, and talks about going to visit them to play in the snow.  She said she wants to “throw it at Daddy’s jacket!” (apparently meaning snowballs).

And generally talking about snow at Nana & Pop’s is about as close as she’s going to get.  Our part of Virginia hasn’t gotten “real” snow in three years, and while we have photographic proof she went out in it, she certainly doesn’t remember it.  But right now we are sitting snug in our house with a 5 inch snow blanket outside.

The excitement for Kaitlyn started at kid’s choir Sunday night, as the cold rain started turning to sleet and Mr. Clark told all of the kids that if they slept with their PJs on inside out that there would be snow in the morning.  We had to put on her PJs the second we walked through the door, and within a few hours we already had several inches of powdery precipitation.  Kaitlyn wanted to eat dinner outside in the snow (“Why not?” she persisted.  “Because it’s dark.  And cold.  And wet.”  “But it’s snow!”).  She wanted to go out and play before bed. 

This morning I caught her rolling around in the hall.  “I’m rolling in the snow!” she giggled, wiggling on her back. “Well, I’m practicing.”

Breakfast couldn’t end quick enough for Kait, and soon she was on her way out the door in brand-new galoshes, fluffy coat, and no gloves (because she just couldn’t wait for me to fish them out of my coat pocket for her).  By the time I got Kourey’s coat on her, Kaitlyn was back at the door, crying.  “My hands are so cold!”

After warming up her fingers, she said she didn’t want to go play in our snow, because it was too cold.  She wanted to wait to play in Nana and Pop’s snow.

“Their snow is cold, too, Kaitlyn.”
“Yes!  Snow is frozen.  It’s always cold.  And always wet.”
A beat as Kaitlyn processed this information.  “I did not know that.”


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