All The Naked Babies

Kaitlyn and Kourey got many wonderful things for Christmas.  These are kids who are well loved and totally doted upon.  One toy in particular has changed the landscape of our den from one strewn with toys, to one strewn with naked toys.
Let me explain:  Keith's mom and dad bought the girls a plastic laundry center.  They already had a kitchen, so they needed this setup with the washer, baskets, and foldup ironing board (and iron!).    Right?  Well, at any rate, Kaitlyn loves it.  She has spent many happy hours fussing over laundry at that center.  I have caught her just sitting at the washer/dryer and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was waiting for the clothes to dry.  She "checked" them, informed me they were still wet, and kept sitting.  She irons all of the clothes, many times, and hangs them on the hangers.  She has taken all of the clothes off of almost all of her clothed dolls and animals to wash, dry, and iron.  And that's why we have a proliferation of naked baby dolls (among other naked toys).
Let me just make a couple of side notes here:  One, this thing was a PAIN to put together… and it was all Keith doing the putting together!  Let's just say screwdrivers and dozens of screws were involved.; Two, I am unnecessarily pleased that Kaitlyn likes ironing her clothes.  My sister-in-law let it slip that her mother wondered if Kaitlyn would even know what the iron was, let alone how to use it.  I know she just meant that, in comparison to when my husband was growing up when all the clothes were line dried and all had to be ironed (and, according to my SIL by her, but my mother-in-law doesn't remember it that way), irons aren't used as often these days; nothing demeaning to me.  But that my daughter took straight to the iron gave me a bit of vindication, nonetheless.
What else is going on in Dohlchester? 
  • Kourey has really taken to walking, and it is now her preferred method of transport.  I need to get a video! 
  • Our van has died again, and we are shopping for a new (to us) vehicle. 
  • I have started a very awesome new Bible study called "Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman" by Beth Moore.  The group meets on Thursday mornings, so Keith watches the kids and I have a few hours with a very awesome group of women! 
  • Kaitlyn is in love with the following movies: "Annie" (as in singing orphans with Albert Finney, not "Annie Hall", which my brother thought I was talking about), "Hairspray!" (as in the recent musical with Zac Efron, not the John Waters 80s version, which my brother also thought I was talking about, prompting him to declare my daughter the coolest 4 year old ever.  But he was wrong, she doesn't watch Woody Allen or John Waters movies), "High School Musical 2" (but just 2, not one or three), and "Enchanted".
  • Kourey has officially picked Big Bear as her stuffed animal object d'amore.  Princess Bear (now with 100% less clothes!) is her downstairs companion.
  • Keith and I are both somewhat addicted to pinball on the Wii, and I am a WiiFit fanatic.  Kaitlyn is super cute doing the WiiFit yoga poses with me, or shaking her hips to Hula Hoop!

One response to “All The Naked Babies

  1. Have I told you lately how cool you are? If not, then here’s to telling the whole world that you are indeed awesome =) I love the story of the naked babies around the house! How soon do you think it will be before Kaitlyn is using the real thing regularly? Just wondering, cause if she loves her “chores”, that would just be awesome too! Miss you!!

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