Baby Steps

Kourey is walking!
OK, based on her level of aptitude, that might be a slightly premature statement.  While I won't say the walking mission is completed, she is routinely taking independant steps – up to about 5 or 6 at a time. 
She took her first steps the Monday after Christmas when we were at Grandmama and Papa's house (Hudgins).  I was sick and asleep on the couch, Keith was back in VA to go to work (and sick, it turned out), and Papa was watching Kourey.
"Katherine, she's walking," he whipsered loudly enough to wake me to see her third step from Papa's knee to her train (that's another story, but let's just say that Kaitlyn and Kourey BOTH loved the ride-on train Papa got them).
Now she will walk on her own to get between destinations she can't "cruise" to.  She can turn while walking, and stop, squat, and keep going.  But when she's excited about the destination (like Mommy or Daddy), she tends to "dive" the last few steps instead of just walking.

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