Symphony at the Park

I wanted to go. I wrote it on the calendar waaaay back in the spring. Three dates – one spring symphony performance, one fall Ft. Lee Army Band performance, one fall symphony performance. All free. All near(ish) my house at Pocahontas State Park.

The spring concert was great! We (and since it was a night Keith was working “we” meant then 6-month-old Kourey, Kaitlyn, and Auntie Kris) took a picnic dinner and relaxed to a program of music including lively Sousa marches that got Kaitlyn marching around while enjoying a serendipitous reunion with some good friends from Grove Avenue Baptist Church.

The Ft. Lee Army Band performance – the only one Keith could have made – was rained out last week.

Which brought us to this week. The humidity was oppressive, my kids didn’t go down for a nap until it was almost time to get up, and I really considered not going. But go we did and we really had a great time!

Four months older than her last concert, Kourey was very into the music! Kaitlyn danced around and even finagled a popsicle out of Auntie Kris (disclaimer: Auntie actually wanted a popsicle for herself, and got Kaitlyn one, too).


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