Kaitlyn’s First Day at Cubbies!

Ever since she started Little Treble Makers choir in January, Kaitlyn has wanted to go to Cubbies, but while she could start choir after she turned 3, Cubbies had the same birthday cutoffs as the school year and her December birthday made her ineligible.

How did she know she wanted Cubbies? The very first night of her choir Keith was supposed to pick her up at 6:30. He got there at 6:31. By that time she had already been whisked to Cubbies where the Cubbie Bear puppet was talking to a room full of excited 3- and 4- year-olds clad in bright blue vests with patches and clutching colorful books with stickers.

They had her at puppet.

After a long wait, Kaitlyn was so excited for her first night at Cubbies on September 10! We waved and hugged her friends from Sunday School, waited in line to try on vests, ordered a tote bag, filled out a flurry of forms, and collected a bevy of handouts.

How can you tell she loved Cubbies? Maybe by how the Cubbie’s Hopper book was enough to enthrall her and keep her quiet and seated during my choir practice afterwards (if you have or have ever met a three-year-old, you get the miracle here). Maybe by the fact she wore the vest all night (not just at church… all the way to bedtime – she tried to convince me she could wear it with PJs). Maybe by the fact she’s already learned both of her verses and is telling them to Kourey and Baby Becky.

Or you could just take my word for it.


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