A Little Kourey Update

Those of you playing the home game already know that Kourey is now 10 months old. What you don’t know are all of the little things that make Kourey the awesome tom-month-old she is.

You’ve got pictures, so you can see that she has gone from looking exactly like Kaitlyn to looking more like Keith. She’s got dark hair, and in the back it curls up into damp little ringlets whenever she’s hot (which is all the time). Her birthmark between her eyebrows has faded a lot, but whenever she really gets worked up it comes flaring back. She’s got three teeth, and if you get too close she’ll use them on you. She’ll pretend she’s going to kiss you, then bite your cheek. She thinks it’s funny. I think Keith taught her.

She also takes after Keith in her sense of humor. It’s not just the “fake you out” kiss. She takes way to much joy in creating a diaper that leaves me calling for backup (and it takes a lot for Mommy to call for backup).

Kourey loves her sister. She crawls along after her, climbs on top of her, and tries to stick her finger in her mouth. Kourey also loves when her sister is not around. She can play with her toys (and by “her” I mean both Kourey’s toys and Kaitlyn’s toys) without fear of theft or reprisal. She can feel confident no one will try to “ride her like a puppy”. The forty-five minutes between when Kaitlyn goes down for a nap and Kourey does are her golden moments. The forty-five following minutes when they are both down are mine.

She’s not talking. My brother is four years younger than me. Until he was two he could/would only say “Ma” “Da” “Ssss” (that’s sister) “haystack” and “Tweetsy Railroad”. That’s right… “Ssss” was sister, but he could say Tweetsy Railroad and haystack. Anyone who has met David knows the two years didn’t hurt his vocabulary one bit, and anyone who’s met me isn’t surprized that everyone in our family surmises he simply didn’t talk because I did all the talking. It’s a theory; I’m not sold on it. BUT it could be true for Kourey and Kaitlyn. Time will tell.

Despite the fact she still wears some 6-9 month clothes (at this point Kaitlyn was 12-18 mos) and is not really chubby, Kourey loves to eat. I joke she is a bottomless pit, or that maybe she has a hollow leg. My mom used to say that about my brother all of the time – “He must have a hollow leg!” I said the same about Kourey and Keith thought I was making a weird joke that he didn’t get at the expense of those with prosthetic limbs. Has anyone else heard this expression or is my mom just a little crazy? She nurses three times a day, eats baby food twice a day, and eats lunch and dinner with us at the table. Her favorite foods might be spinach, spaghetti, grilled eggplant and yogurt. And baby puffs (as in puffs for babies, not to be confused with Soylant Green Puffs).

And that’s the Kourey report.


2 responses to “A Little Kourey Update

  1. oh, the hollow leg thing doesn’t make you crazy….my mom still says it about neil, and i honestly agree. how crazy that in just a few months, she really doesn’t look like kaitlyn anymore….they grow up so fast! 🙂

  2. Hi Kat,
    thanks for the updates! Yes, we said the hollow leg thing in our house too–especially about my cousins or college guy friends… is it a southern expression? I’ll ask Steve if he has heard it before?

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