Inja Foyer

“Nooo, I can’t want to take a nap! I need to be inja foyer!”

It’s not uncommon for Kaitlyn to protest… well, anything, really. She’s really very contrary. And very creative. You should hear some of her plans for swapping toys with Kourey, and Kourey getting Kaitlyn’s detained toys back, and then swapping back. But today it was naptime being protested, and the reason was “inja foyer”.

“You need to be in the foyer?” I asked, continuing as she nodded her head solemnly, “No, you need to be in bed sleeping.”

“I need to be seeing inja foyer like Daddy does!”

Seeing “inja foyer”? Daddy?

Lightbulb moment: she was talking about Ninja Warrior, a Japanese competition show that apparently she and Keith watch much more than I realized.

She wants to be “a inja foyer”.



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