Metro Richmond Zoo

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Yesterday Kaitlyn, Kourey and Katherine met up with Kaitlyn’s best friend from church, her mom and baby brother, and jaunted up to the Metro Richmond Zoo.

As much as I love the zoo, I’ve never been to this one, as I am a zoo snob. I have high standards because I grew up with the NC Zoo so close – it may not a big name, national level zoo, but I think in many ways it’s better than others I’ve been to.

So a private zoo a block off of Hull Street – behind an elementary school at that – and named Metro Richmond Zoo, well… let’s say my expectations were low. But I really enjoyed it! The smallness of the zoo made it feel really accessible for the kids, and I think I enjoyed hand-feeding the giraffes even more than they did (especially since they didn’t hand feed the giraffe, they just held out cups for the giraffes to eat out of with their purple, prehensile tongues).

Kaitlyn stayed true to her peculiar predilections by being most entranced by the two sloths that hung alongside of scarily big bats in the nocturnal house. She refers to them as “two monkeys in a tunnel.” It took me a while to figure out that’s what she meant. She loved all of the primates (and all of them, from gibbon to chimpanzee to spider monkey, were just plain “MOWN-keys!”), in no small part because “monkeys are daddy’s favorite.”

We’ll definitely be going back – anyone want to come with us?


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