Our Anniversary

In honor of our anniversary, here is the story of how we met:

April 20, 2003 started out like a regular Sunday. The weather was beautiful as spring really started to take hold in Richmond. Keith made the decision to go to a new church, Grove Avenue Baptist Church, where Katherine had been attending for about six months, and beyond that to go to Dennis and Cheryl’s Sunday School class/small group (where, coincidently, but quite guessable at this point, Katherine was an active member).

Most of the group went out for lunch after church, and on this particular Sunday they decided to make it a park day. Another member of the class, Bill, knew Keith from the church he had previously attended and convinced him to come.

After sitting around and eating and talking and enjoying being outside on such a lovely day (lunch time conversation topics: Katherine’s fear of squirrels and Keith’s (clearly incorrect) theory that the maximum pairs of shoes needed by anyone is six), Keith, Bill, Katherine, and another girl from the class were headed towards our parking lot. The conversation was still on shoes; Katherine was defending the need for multiple pairs of black shoes at this point:

“Like this pair,” she said, indicating the strappy platform black open-toed sandals gracing her feet, “are the best for kicking off easily when driving so I can put my feet out the window.”

“You can’t drive with your feet out the window! It’s against the law! Right, Keith?” said Bill (the guy who already knew Keith).

“Yeah, you can’t do that. It’s reckless driving,” said Keith.

“Pffft. It’s not reckless driving! I only put one foot out the window, I adjust my mirrors, I have complete control of my vehicle,” Katherine countered.

“No, no… it’s definitely against the law! Right, Keith?”


“Whatever,” Katherine said, dismissively, “If it’s against some law, it’s a stupid law. Any law that stupid is OK to break.”

“No! No, you can’t do that, right, Keith?” Bill said, anxiously.

“Yeah, you can’t do that.”

“Yeah, what are you, a cop or something?”

This is the part where Keith, without breaking stride, pulls out a wallet and flips open his badge, leaving Katherine to stop, gaping and speechless. This, as everyone realizes, is somewhat of an accomplishment, one Keith jokes he has never managed to replicate.

And that’s how we met. And how Katherine found out Keith was a cop.

Keith Raymond Dohl & Katherine Elizabeth Hudgins Dohl
Married April 24, 2004
May we forever continue through life’s journey beside each other,
our hearts still filled with love, respect, and admiration, as it was so many years ago.
May our caring for each other grow deeper; may our love for each other grow stronger.
May our home be filled with hope, peace, and love as it has been for
all these years we have shared together.
May we share just as many more.

4 responses to “Our Anniversary

  1. Suzanne Parker Miller

    AWHHH, how cool! I love that story and the picture looks great, if I do say so myself! Yeah! I can’t wait to see y’all in a couple of weeks!!!

  2. Love this story! Happy anniversary!

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