Keith’s Chair Fund

Many of the people reading this blog have been to our house (I’m assuming – who else would waste time on these banalities?). And you know we don’t have any room in our den for a Lazy Boy (or really anything larger than a pillow). And yet that’s what Keith has been saving up money for for a few years now. He’d get a “donation” for birthday or part of Christmas or whatever.

And he finally got enough for a chair. A big, reclining “Daddy Chair”. Ready to see it?

Photobucket Photobucket

What? That doesn’t look like a chair to you? Good eyes. Somehow the chair magically turned into 47″ 1080p Digital LCD HDTV (I had to look at the box; I tend to just say “big screen”), plus a new stand, as the cabinet holding our old (and, might I add, perfectly adequate) 32″ TV did not remotely fit the new TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the TV, too. But you never hear ME saying things like: “You know, I never really liked Sesame Street before, but now it’s exciting!” (with only just the very slightest touch of facetiousness)


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