Kaitlyn Starts PT

Today was Kaitlyn’s first day of Physical Therapy with Ms. Margaret.

To refresh your memory:
January – Kaitlyn breaks her leg by falling down the stairs with Keith
mid-February – Kaitlyn gets her cast off
last Wednesday – Kaitlyn has a 6 week post-cast appointment, where the doctor thought her gait wasn’t quite up to par yet

Which brings us to today and the first of at least 8 appointments (assuming Southern Health does right by us, which could be a rather large assumption).

We talked about the appointment ahead of time, so Kaitlyn was really excited about going to “do some fun exercises!” with Ms. Margaret. She was even more excited (in her timid “I’m around new people” way) when we got there and she could see the mini-tramp and a slide and some other “gym” equipment.

She did basic PT evaluation stuff – standing on one leg, kneeling, going up and down steps, doing relevés … all that jazz. She really didn’t want to leave when the hour was up! The therapist has recommended some shoe inserts for her, so we’ll get her measured for those at her next appointment.

The biggest excitement of the day came when we saw what was in the strip mall facing the office building… the new Don José! If we keep having 1 o’clock appointments, surely one of these days we can indulge in some delicious Mexican food at highly reasonable prices, no?


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