New Camera! Yay!

Have you noticed we haven’t blogged much recently? Do you miss the pictures? Yeah, so do we! Our main digital camera realized it’s warranty had long since expired and decided to go wonky on us sometime in December. All of the pictures had this weird blue blurry haze. Not good.

But we just (well, a week and a half ago) got our new (well, refurbished) camera! And we love it! And since it means more pictures for you (yes, that means you, Mom), we know you’ll love it, too.

PS – no, that’s not a picture of our actual camera. You can tell because (1) how would we take a picture of our new camera without it getting all blue blurry looking? and (2) we go to very few polo matches, especially here recently. But that’s exactly the kind of picture we would take. Only ours would be even better.


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