It doesn’t have to be warm and sunny to enjoy King’s Dominion

Lesson 1: Even if calls for no precipitation past 1 pm, it could still be misty, drizzly, and cold all afternoon.

Lesson2: The pizza place may be warm, but it will make you want a pizza, and they cost $25.

Lesson 3: No matter what the cashier told you last time, the $4 wristband actually is good for truly unlimited refills all day long. Good buy!

Lesson 4: Don’t let Kaitlyn hold the bubbles herself.

We were only at King’s Dominion for about 2-1/2 hours today, but we did a lot! First off, of course, Kourey (KE) had to eat. While Mommy (M) and KE were thusly occupied at the first aid station, Daddy (D), Auntie Kris (AK), and Kaitlyn (KR) hit a few of KR’s favorite rides. The “elevator” (which is, well, an elevator to an observation deck on the 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower) and the “Auntie Cars” (which is how she believes “Antique Cars” is pronounced) were both walk-ons. Fancy that.

Once M and KE finally found the D/AK/KR trio (after first finding the first cup fill of the day) it was time for The Crypt (formerly Tomb Raider; a gravitron) for M&D, then Avalanche (the bobsled coaster) for AK, M&D.

AK tested out her Dramamine by riding the scrambler with M. They are both dorks.

You know what? This blow by blow is boring. Keith didn’t double up on any coasters because his broken ribs were hurting a bit (that’s a post for another time). Kaitlyn loves the carousel, too, and she rode it at least twice.

Kourey likes sitting up in the stroller without the car carrier, and also likes laying down to sleep. It was kind of cold, kind of wet, and the cookies Auntie got were kind of good. We were home by 6:30 where we made and ate meatloaf, then all watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Daddy finished putting together the accessory he got for his *big toy* (for security reasons that’s all we can say right now)(it is not a WMD)(or a WSD)(but did require WD-40).

And that’s about it.


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