Happy Easter!



Click either picture for larger size!


One response to “Happy Easter!

  1. cute, cute, CUTE!!! kourey is growing up so fast…how crazy!!!

    i thought of you today. i was at the verizon store, getting myself a new phone, and who happens to show up while i’m there? andie macdowell! it made me think of you because of our freshman year jaunt in her driveway….lol!!

    long story short, the guy who was helping me IMMEDIATELY jumped to her aid (she was buying a phone for her daughter, sarah margaret) and practically ignored me until i all but started a strip tease to get his attention. as i finally got my guy to ring me up, tall and short macdowells came over, and short one decided she liked my phone, so she started playing with it. distraction, distraction, distraction…..if i had only managed to get a picture of it, i could probably sell my phone on ebay for more than i bought it for, and then buy a better phone!!


    anyways, hope you guys are doing well!!! 🙂

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