Princess Pink Cast

I’m so slack at posting. But in my defense, I have a three-year-old in a cast and a three-month-old with colic.

Yeah, I hear you thinking, this we know. You posted that A MONTH AGO. Then no more. Slacker.

OK, well, you want some pictures? Will that make things a little better?

Check out that model! She likes showing off her cast, actually. She quickly figured out that it got her a little extra attention, and a little extra leeway.

And we can’t make a trip to the photographer without a shot of the rapidly-changing Kourey. She looks soooo much like Kaitlyn did at this age.

And here they are together. Kaitlyn just adores Kourey – the two hardest bits of getting pictures made were catching Kourey looking pleasant and not slumping (clearly not always accomplished), and getting Kaitlyn to look at the camera and not at Kourey!!!

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