Life with the immobile

Do you remember word problems in school? There was this one about a man with a boat that could only hold two things at a time – him and one other item. He had a fox, a chicken, and a basket of grain. He had to get everything to the other side, but he couldn’t leave the fox with the chicken or the chicken with the grain (in either case because the former would eat the latter). So you had to figure out that he took the chicken, went back, took the fox, brought the chicken back, took the grain (leaving the chicken on the first shore, again), went back, and finally brought the chicken, again.

I feel like I’m doing that puzzle all day long! I can only carry one armload at a time – Kourey, Kaitlyn, or stuff. What order do you take them to the car, so that each child is left alone for the least amount of time (and in the cold for the least amount of time)? How about bringing them in? Going up and down stairs (which, obviously, has an added element of anxiety for Kaitlyn)? Well, Kourey’s carrier can sit right on the floor inside the door, but Kaitlyn has to be carried all the way to the couch (or similar location wherever you’re going). Can I unlock and open the doors while holding whoever I’m carrying first? Is it time to wake Keith up, yet?

And when did Kaitlyn get so big?!

And how am I going to do this for 4 – 6 more weeks?

Actually, Kaitlyn has an appointment Wednesday morning to get her permanent cast, and then she should be able to get around a lot more. And Kourey has a follow up that afternoon regarding her colic (which: a white noise machine in the crib has helped, but last night was still a 2 hours of sleep before Keith came home night; bleh).


2 responses to “Life with the immobile

  1. Suzanne Parker Miller

    Way to Go Super Mom! You CAN DO IT!!! Know you are loved =)

  2. Keep on keeping on!!

    The white noise machine can’t do what a VACCUM can do…I say turn on the Dirt Devil when the crying starts 🙂 Of course, that helps no one at 2am…hmmm, do those Roomba things make some noise? Ha – you could be cleaning in your (quiet) sleep!

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