News Break

This just in… no, wait, it’s not that kind of news break. I mean, this is the latest in Dohlchester news – when’s the last time I updated within 8-hours of something happening?

But the “break” is the news. While getting ready for church this morning, Keith and Kaitlyn tumbled down the stairs. Keith was fine, except for some bruising on his hip, but Kaitlyn was quite upset. And understandably so – falling is always scary!

She kept holding her right knee and wouldn’t put weight on it. While there didn’t appear to be any bruising, we raised it and iced it and checked with the doctor – it was ER time.

The doctor talked to Kaitlyn and asked her if her ankle hurt, if her knee felt fine, if it hurt when he did this and if it felt fine when he did that. She nodded to everything. I wanted to point this out to him when he decided to x-ray her ankle. It’s her knee she’s grabbing and won’t let us touch!

But there is a reason he’s the doctor and I am not – after a less-than-happy x-ray, the results showed a fracture of the tibia right above the ankle. Kaitlyn got a splint and we’re taking her to a pediatric orthapedist this week (amazingly, the office wasn’t open this morning) for a hard cast for about 4-6 weeks.

She can’t play and walk around on the splint (and has shown no interest in doing so, so far) but once she gets the cast she probably will be able to. Like our Sunday School teacher pointed out, at least she just broke the tibia, so she still has the fibula to give some stability (the bone hadn’t shifted at all, but was broken all the way through).

Kaitly also seems to have broken her appetite – even tempting PBJs and Sister Schubert’s rolls haven’t gotten her to eat more than a few cheerios and two bites of a popsicle all day. But I’m sure that will mend without a cast in far less than 4-6 weeks!


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