Baby Kourey and Mini-Hyde

I have two babies.

One is the sweetest thing you can imagine. She laughs and smiles and gurgles and coos. She grasps your fingers or your shirt like she just wants to hang out with you forever. She likes looking at herself in the mirror, clutching stuffed animals, and shaking rattles. She eats well and sleeps through the night. She seems to already have a sense of humor, laughing and bobbing her head yes or no very coincidentally to indicate she shares our family brand of humor.

The other is a little ball of anger. She screams and yells until red in the face. She can’t even eat for yelling. She doesn’t want you to stop walking her around, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy being walked, either. She won’t take a pacifier, but your finger might do to suck on until it is raw, but only if it would be incredibly uncomfortable for you and don’t even think of trying to stop once it’s in place. She wakes up from the shortest of naps with a scream that keeps going through the night.

And they’re both Kourey.

And you wonder why I haven’t updated much? Up until Monday, since before Christmas we’d been giving Kourey Maalox before each meal, and she had just tried and rejected Zantac. The doctor’s thought it was just Acid Reflux. But when everything lost effectiveness and I was at my absolute wits end (I even threatened to give up nursing her; she had one bottle of formula), the doctor said: “Colic”

So what’s wrong with Kourey? Basically, nothing. Colic basically means “nothing’s wrong, she’s just going to cry. so get used to it.”

Amazingly, that helps. She’s gaining weight like crazy – 13 lb 11.6 oz on Monday, with a weight gain of nearly an ounce a day. She’s developmentally good (although she’s not getting as much mat time as I would like and rolling is a far distant event). She’s just crying.

Knowing that she’s ok, and that there’s actually not all that much I can do to stop the crying (ie, changing my diet or feeding more/less often or I don’t even know what) takes a huge weight off of my shoulders.

So when the doctor said “colic” it didn’t make her cry less, but it has made me cry less.


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