Someone’s THREE!

Last Saturday we celebrated Kaitlyn turning three years old! Can you believe it?

This was actually the second celebration, as we had a little party in Pennsylvania the previous weekend with Nana, Pop, and Uncles Kenny and Kevin, complete with presents and a Little Mermaid cake.

This Saturday started out with a trip up to Richmond for Kaitlyn and Daddy to go to the Ukrop’s parade. They were right past the grandstand and Kaitlyn loved all of the balloons and floats. She wasn’t even too disappointed there weren’t elephants (which we’re not sure why she thought there would be…). She didn’t get to stay through the whole long parade because she had to come home…

… to see Grandmama and Papa and eat a quick lunch before her BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was planned to be a small birthday party (my mom told me years ago to figure one kid per year old the birthday child is turning), but ended up being even smaller with just Kaitlyn and her friend N. from church (I didn’t ask N.’s mom for permission, so I’m not putting pictures or names of someone else’s minor child on the web). They had a blast! Their goody bags got some serious workouts as they pulled out new crayons for coloring before a Winnie-the-Pooh cake and ice cream (plus presents – N. was just as excited as Kaitlyn), then took their bubbles outside for playground time. They played and sang and marched and whatnot for hours!

After a brief nap, Kaitlyn’s Birthday Extravaganza continued with a special dinner made by Grandmama and even more presents (considering everyone involved had vowed to not overdo it this year – and really seemed to actually go by that – she got a ridiculous mountain of presents; I guess too many people love her 🙂 ).

The birthday was over, but the celebrating wasn’t. Monday night Auntie Kris took us all out to one of Kaitlyn’s favorite restaurants, Don Jose, where she got doted on by the staff that she hadn’t seen since before Kourey was born. She also ate her favorite – a quesadilla and got a birthday serenade from the staff, including Paulo who Kaitlyn has a three-year-old’s little crush on.

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!!

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