Someone else is ONE!

One month, that is! In some ways it feels like Kourey has never not been part of our family, and in other ways it’s amazing that it’s already been one month.

I’m not sure exactly how big she is, but she’s graduated from newborn diapers to size one, and is really filling out (especially in length) N clothes (she mainly wears 0-3 months).

Kourey loves for us to sing “The Kourey Song” (sing Kourey Kourey Kourey over and over to tune of “Holy, Holy, Holy” – not one of our most creative efforts, but very well received). She likes to hear Kaitlyn’s voice. Kourey hasn’t read the baby books that say she can’t hold her head up – she is headstrong in every sense of the word!

And she’s already learned how to steal Daddy’s remote.


One response to “Someone else is ONE!

  1. She is so cute! Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow? 🙂 I must mention that I fully blame you for the fact that I have the “Kourey Song” stuck in my head!

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