So what does Kaitlyn think of Kourey?

This is the question we get the most often, now that Kourey has arrived. The answer in a word? The world (ok, two words, but “the” is an article and shouldn’t count).

The biggest Kaitlyn/Kourey problem we’ve encountered is that Kaitlyn might just love Kourey too much. She would hug, kiss, and play with her all day if she could.

Kaitlyn is concerned with Kourey’s well-being – she “checks [Kourey’s] heartbeat” several times a day with her doctor’s kit stethoscope; when Kourey cries she weighs in on what she thinks: “put Kourey in her swing now,” “Kourey is poopy! Change her diaper. Use an Elmo diaper, OK?,” and “you go pick Kourey up now, OK?” are common phrases to hear; she helps take care of Kourey by getting her bib or burp cloth at feeding time.

Kaitlyn also worries about Mommy. After demanding requesting pictures be taken of her and Kourey (it didn’t take too much arm-twisting) Kaitlyn “reviewed the proofs” (looked at the digicam’s screen) and asked why Mommy wasn’t in the pictures. So we figured out how to take a picture of all three of us (I think Keith was at court?).

Here’s an oddly blurry picture of Kaitlyn helping at Kourey’s first tub bath. Kaitlyn had to be on the chair in the middle of the action so “I can see Kourey swim in her pool.”

A few other Kaitlyn funnies:

  • When Kourey is hungry she does the rooting reflex – open mouth and aim at anything nearby, especially cheeks. She did this to Kaitlyn’s cheek while Kaitlyn was administering pre-feeding hugs and kisses. I asked Kaitlyn if Kourey was kissing her. “No,” Kaitlyn replied, “She’s trying to EAT me!”
  • Kaitlyn is interested in every facet of baby life. We’ve explained to Kaitlyn many, many times how Kourey can’t eat all the foods that Kaitlyn does and can only eat food Mommy gives her. Many times we’ve explained that she’s eating special baby milk. When Kourey was half done eating one afternoon, Kaitlyn asked with interest “does that side have juice?”

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