Kaitlyn’s First "Joke"

Tonight at dinner we were celebrating Keith’s birthday (again; we had Chicken Parmigiana and Ukrop’s cake last Tuesday, in case Broccoli came early; then we went to Maggiano’s on Saturday; tonight we had steak & potatoes and a homemade marble cake). Kaitlyn was in a very thankful mood, with a touch of silly.

She practiced good manners throughout the meal, down to thanking Keith and I not only for refills of milk and passing of napkins, but also for individual pieces of cheese (that we had on her plate at the beginning of the meal) and steak sauce.

At one point she made a point to look at me and say “Thank you, Mommy,” then at Keith and say “Thank you, Daddy.” She then looked over her shoulder towards the living room and said what sounded exactly like “Thank you, football!,” then turned back, looked at us, and broke into peals of laughter.

“Did you say ‘Thank you, football?'”

“Yes! [laughing, laughing, laughing]”

“Were you making a joke?”

“YES!” and she laughed even harder.

We didn’t get the joke as it was told, but neither one of us could keep from laughing along. Mom said she gets her sense of humor from both of us, after hearing the story, and I’m not sure how to take that.

2 responses to “Kaitlyn’s First "Joke"

  1. Suzanne Parker Miller

    I must say I agree with your mom about getting her sense of humor from y’all… and I also don’t know how you should take it =)

    you should probably be thankful she didn’t try to throw her food like a football, cause then I could say clearly that she is taking after her mother! =)

  2. I LOVE IT!!!

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