Baby Broccoli has a deadline

Clearly, Broccoli is due on Nov 10. But today at the 37 week checkup we found out that not only does Broccoli’s size mean we don’t have to go for a planned C-section, but my doctor feels that she is big enough and progressed enough and all that that we have set an induction date of two weeks from today. So if Broccoli feels like coming earlier, she totally can; but if she’s stubborn, she’s still coming on Monday, November 5.

That’s just 14 days, people!


2 responses to “Baby Broccoli has a deadline

  1. I need pictures in my INBOX! Though I will definitely be watching the blog, too!!!

  2. Suzanne Parker Miller

    T minus 14 days and counting!!! And the excitment continues to build!!! WE are so excited for y’all and can’t wait for more updates… BTW, this gives you 14 days for us to start guessing her name!! My personal guess is Kelsey… we’ll see =)

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